The Journey of the fishes

A Bottelmessage-Project to decelerate communication

Started on march, 13th 2017 on the Seychelle Islands.

Poster web gb

A Bottlemessage is just the opposite from what we call "communication" nowadays.
Today everything has to be quick, targeted and impatient. SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Blogs, Facebook. Everything wants an instant answer and sometimes the quick and witty answer becomes more important than the message itself.

What if everything was more slowly? What if we would send a message without pressure, aim? Just for the sake of the message.
We would not know when or if it arrives somewhere, but we are free to imagine what could happen. Wouldn´t that create a hope, a phantasy about this possibility to get in to contact somehow? Would it make us calmer? Would it give us a new perspective?

Why fishes? Perhaps because the Sea is one of my themes and fishes do journey as our bottels do in the sea and rivers.
We do not know if we will get an answer. All we know is that our message is on the way.

As it is an art-project, I will document it here on thes webpage, with photos of the fish, its bottle and of the start of its journey.
But I am also a child of the digital era. Each fish has a number, a username and a password with him in the bottle. The potential finder can use this to log in on this page and tell us where he found the bottle. Its an experiment of slowing down and perhaps communicate.